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Areas of Practice


General Business & Commercial Litigation

Business and Commercial dealings are often complex affairs. The terms of your business agreements can limit the rights of each party. We will explore all your legal options, including those outside the contracts and provide effective solutions to ensure that your interests are fully protected.

Trust Litigation

Trust litigation can be sensitive and requires a heighten attention to details. Whether you are a trustee needing to administer a trust or a beneficiary attempting to protect and assert your rights, our years of experience will help simplify the legal process.

Cyber theft matters

Cyber theft is rampant today. Thieves typically target businesses with high cash flows, such as escrow companies, and access their bank accounts remotely or send fake emails appearing to come from a trusted source directing that money be transferred to a particular location. We are there to help if your business has become the victim of cyber theft. There are very complex laws that apply to the relationship that businesses have with banks and we have expertise in successfully representing companies in their effort to get their money, or their customer’s money, back. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Contract & Real Estate Matters

We can help advise you in drafting, negotiating or reviewing your contracts and agreements. If you're a buyer, we'll do our best to protect you from hidden liabilities. Sellers can have us look over the purchase and terms to make sure they reflect their best interests.

Healthcare litigation and Business matters

We are experienced attorneys who are sensitive to the unique issues that our healthcare clients face and the complex business relationships between and among healthcare providers. We always make it a point to provide individualized, aggressive, creative and cost-effective representation. We have extensive experience representing skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, individual physicians and allied healthcare professionals in elder abuse and medical malpractice litigation. We routinely represent physicians against accusations brought by the Medical Board of California and we handle the related ancillary licensing and credentialing issues that commonly arise from Medical Board actions. We represent allied healthcare providers before their respective professional licensing boards too. We also regularly provide legal counsel to our healthcare clients in regulatory, insurance, HIPAA, contract and related business matters. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

Construction Law

Many construction claims involve multiple insurance companies and typically, everyone who is involved in a construction project gets sued if something goes wrong. We will look out for, and zealously protect, your legal interests.